Am back with my little black dress

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Hey guys i am back. I took some time off from blogging clearly (#smiley face), i just needed that space to readjust myself and set things right. Life is a struggle,whatever you are struggling with, We are all humans, we have our times, days, months or even more years, that you have setbacks in your life, i felt drained from the ups and down i was experiencing in my life and i just wanted to shut down everything, crawl down somewhere and hide myself. I love blogging, i love talking about my adventures when i travel the world, sharing my fashion the way i like to wear(am not saying am a fashion guru). I am very grateful i have a full time amazing job, lovely life . anyway enough about personal stuff.

For my wear today, its the all time little black dress. we all have it in our closet, unless you don’t like black or dresses. the thing about the little black dress is that it never goes out of fashion. You can wear it however you want, with what you want, add colors, remove colors but it will always look pretty. this little black dress is practical. you can wear it to work, with a coat, in the evening just get rid of the coat add a scurf or leave it blank and your set for your romantic dinner or just a night out with colleagues or friends. the options of how to wear this dress are endless, so go ahead enjoy have some fun with it and if you like share it on my blog with others……we always learn from others.


Taking time off

taking time off

Dear all,

Hello everyone,Talk about taking time off wooh A YEAR LOL. It has been a year and a few months since i wrote my last post. I decided to take time off blogging. I was going through a lot in my personal life and work and i just could not keep up. Sometimes when many things hit you from different angles, you just have to step away and take some time off. To think, to set your priorities right, find yourself and be whole again. During this time away, i really missed blogging, but now i feel better and glad that i did this, well that vacay is over time to have some fun in doing what i love best. new post will be up soon.

Have a fab evening


White white

Zara White summer dress Zara white Playsuit Zara Fitting white dress Zara Fitting white dress Zara Fitting white dress

In this post i am wearing:

summer dress from Zara (available here)

Playsuit from Zara (available here)

Fitting white dress from Zara (available here)

Watch from Michael kors

Earings Dolce & Gabbana

shoes from New look (available here)

White white anyone? who does not love white? show of hands? I did not think so. I did not give you a chance there to answer LoL. White is a lovely color, it can be peaceful, it can be aggressive when paired with certain colors, it can be neutral, calming. Oh i simply love white. I bought this two lovely dresses and the playsuit from Zara. And they are available now in Kenya for my fans, click here for more information on how to purchase one for you.


The power Blue

New look Blue Dress New look Blue Dress

In this post i am wearing:

Blue Dress From Newlook also available here

Belt from Moschino

Shoes from Charles Keith

Watch from Michael Kors

Photography by Saiid El Ghazal

Good afternoon everyone, I hope your week is so far so good. Today I am wearing blue again, And i am so excited to say for my readers in Kenya this dress is available here. I think is a pretty color, Blue dress, blue eyes, who knew Kate Middleton’s engagement ring would course such a sensation all over the world, royal blue…oh the power of blue.

I am finding my ways of pairing blue, in previous post here, it was blue with black and white. Today, its simply blue with a Moschino belt and this multi colored shoes from Charles Keith. What do you think?


Pink is my New Fav



Burberry handbag

Photo by:

Photo by:

how to wear pink Ralph lauren shirt Burberry handbag Zara Pink  skirt

Here is another way you can choose to wear pink

Here is another way you can choose to wear pink

Zara Pink skirt Ralph Lauren blue shirt

Photo by Speed and Light studio

Photo by Speed and Light studio

In this Post i am wearing:

Skirt from Zara also available here 

Shirts from: Ralph Lauren

Shoes from: Christian Louboutin

Watch from: Michael Kors

Handbag From: Burberry

Sunglasses from: Gucci

Necklace from: H&M

Photography By: Saiid EL Ghazal

Good afternoon everyone. I hope your week is starting out smoothly. I am so excited to share with you a project that Saiid here , an amazing photographer and i had been working on. He is talented and i was happy to work with him on my first project in a studio and i will be definitely coming back to him. you can also check out his work on Facebook here. He is so far the best and most patient photographer i have met here in Dubai. I might as well add he is quite a perfectionist and has amazing ideas. I would like to thank you Saiid El Ghazal. Kindly visit his website here.

About this post pink is my new fav, i love this Pink skirt that i had bought from Zara and i had to wear it again. I paired it up with this ralph Lauren shirt which i had worn it before here. I love it now that i can go through my closet and start playing around with my old clothes and come up with something new. this to say, you do not have to go and spend money look into your closet and start some mix and match and you might be surprised what you come up with.

I again played with this pink skirt and paired it with this ralph Lauren shirt, its a dare move but i think it worked out just fine.

This skirt is available in Kenya for purchase here

feel free to share how you wear your Pink