Am back with my little black dress

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Hey guys i am back. I took some time off from blogging clearly (#smiley face), i just needed that space to readjust myself and set things right. Life is a struggle,whatever you are struggling with, We are all humans, we have our times, days, months or even more years, that you have setbacks in your life, i felt drained from the ups and down i was experiencing in my life and i just wanted to shut down everything, crawl down somewhere and hide myself. I love blogging, i love talking about my adventures when i travel the world, sharing my fashion the way i like to wear(am not saying am a fashion guru). I am very grateful i have a full time amazing job, lovely life . anyway enough about personal stuff.

For my wear today, its the all time little black dress. we all have it in our closet, unless you don’t like black or dresses. the thing about the little black dress is that it never goes out of fashion. You can wear it however you want, with what you want, add colors, remove colors but it will always look pretty. this little black dress is practical. you can wear it to work, with a coat, in the evening just get rid of the coat add a scurf or leave it blank and your set for your romantic dinner or just a night out with colleagues or friends. the options of how to wear this dress are endless, so go ahead enjoy have some fun with it and if you like share it on my blog with others……we always learn from others.


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